Kaeleigh Joy

Greetings, Friends! 

First of all, lets talk about the name of my company . . . Cair Paravel. My dear friends, do you remember The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?  If you have never read this book you should go do that now. If you have then you will remeber the castle in Narnia. The most magic place in the land that serves as a fortress and a refuge to the patrons of Narnia. Cair Paravel is the name of the Castle. That is where my tags #iminthecastle and #makingmagic come from. 

Now I can properly introduce myseIf, I am a creative photographer and illustrator, born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have an unquenched thirst to travel the world and am always looking to gain a few more stamps in my passport. I am married to a good and loving man, and live in a a dreamy old farmhouse (1864) and plan to stay here forever. I have 2 parrots and 3 ducks and I couldn't be happier with my funky flock.  I love antiques, fairytales, mythology, flowers, tea, donuts, and thrift stores. I consider myself an imaginative individual with serious passion for what I do.  My work is part of everything that I do, and everything I do is part of my work.